The indie guide to building digital products.

The collection of best practices, tutorials, tools and experiences to help build your product.



The mission of ProductDocs is to help with building digital products.


From idea to launching a product, the goal of ProductDocs is to assist you on your way to build your product.


ProductDocs is based on the following assumptions:

  1. You are building or you want to build a digital product (web app, mobile app, framework, etc.).
  2. Your intention is to build a product that shall be used by many.
  3. Ideally you want to build a business around your product.
  4. You are willing to dedicate your time to building.


This is a project of Lukáš Soukup (Twitter, LinkedIn).


Your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated, please feel free to get in touch.


ProductDocs is a work in progress and help is welcomed. If you want to contribute, please get in touch.